How To Inject a Turkey

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If you enjoy more flavor in your turkey, try injecting it with your favorite marinade. Rubs, brines and sauces deliver flavor to the surface of the turkey, but injecting flavor inside guarantees juiciness throughout the meat. Fill the needle injector with your favorite marinade (If you are using a needle injector you may have to use a coffee or spice grinder to make sure all dry herbs are small enough to fit through the needle) and insert it into the breasts and thighs of the turkey (see the diagram above). Each thigh and each side of the breast should be injected with .5 ounces of marinade for every 5 lbs. of turkey.

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Looking to add flavor this Thanksgiving? Try injecting your turkey with a favorite marinade - it's simple, easy and provides great flavor.
Diagram of how to inject a turkey
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How To Inject a Turkey
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Butterball can teach you how to inject a turkey. Enjoy more flavor by injecting it with your favorite marinade and guarantees juiciness.
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How To Inject a Turkey